Vet Venture Capital Announces Strategic Investment in Prevtec Microbia

Montreal, March 13, 2015 – Vet Venture Capital (VVC) is pleased to announce a platform investment in Prevtec Microbia, a Canadian biotechnology company developing innovative biological products for the prevention of diseases in food-animals. Prevtec’s mission is to develop technologies that improve animal health, contributing in better ways to feed the planet.The investment will help fund Prevtec’s commercial launch of its live bacterial swine vaccine Coliprotec®F4 in the European Union and conduct further research and development.VVC managing director Dr. Paul Dick said, “We are delighted to partner with the Prevtec team. With a long tradition built on exceptional research capabilities, we believe that Prevtec will have a significant impact improving the health of animals by leveraging best in class vaccine approaches.“

VVC is the first venture capital fund focused exclusively on animal health. The importance of pets to families and society overall, in combination with the need for additional animal protein to feed the growing needs of the world, favourably positions VVC, working with start up and emerging companies, to create product, business and societal value.

Based in Canada, VVC invests globally in companies ranging from early stage to those already in the commercial marketplace. VVC seeks above market returns by identifying compelling opportunities and providing intellectual and financial capital, operational expertise and a rich network that helps build successful businesses and technologies. With a singular focus on animal health and an experienced team, VVC provides:

  • An unparalleled depth of knowledge of the animal health market place, product development, regulatory strategy, and other pre-commercialization elements that can dictate a company’s success or failure;
  • A distinct competitive advantage in identifying the most desirable animal health opportunities; and
  • Deep industry relationships that can produce quicker commercialization, partnerships and exits.

VVC is proud to partner with investors and growth companies interested in creating unrivalled value in the animal health space.

For more information, please contact:
Dr. Paul Dick
Managing Director
Tel: (519) 546-8427